SARGA arises from the merger of two public entities of the Government of Aragon: SIRASA (Rural Infrastructure Company of Aragon) and SODEMASA (Environmental Development Society), specialized in the field of agriculture and environment, respectively. That is why SARGA assumes any and all rights and obligations of Sirasa and Sodemasas┬┤ societies.

Both companies belong to the Public Business Corporation of Aragon and act as an instrument of the Department of Agriculture and Environment of the Government of Aragon, so that, after the merger of the same, there is the challenge of creating a new company that unites AE service management towards greater efficiency and effectiveness.

SARGA seeks to be even more ambitious, expanding and offering new services , support and advice to all departments of the Government of Aragon who need it.

Sociedad de Desarrolo Medioambiental DeAragon S.A.U Sodemasa 

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