Local Councils' Association

The Local Councils' Association was established in 1994 through the issue of specific Regulations entitled: Local Councils (Association) Regulations, 1994. The Regulations state that: "These shall be a Local Council association representing all the Local Councils and to represent, solely for the purposes of these regulations, all Local Councils in Malta and overseas, and on international associations of local government authorities". The aims of the Association shall also include those of protecting and promoting the common interests of Local Councils as well as offering consultancy services, training on its own initiatives and in conjunction with any other Council or Councils.

The LCA is the single public authority that represents all 5 regions and 68 local councils in Malta and Gozo. The LCA enjoys a high level of competence and it is involved in the national policy development process by regular meetings with the director of Local Government and the Ministry and other relevant stakeholders. It also takes part in the Committee of the Regions.

Local Councils' Association of Malta  

Web Link: http://www.lca.org.mt