CSI-Piemonte was founded by Piedmont Region, University of Turin and Polytechnic of Turin in 1977 with the aim to promote the modernisation of local administrations through the most advanced ICT solutions and information services and systems. CSI now counts 91 public stakeholders, among them the Piedmont Regional Administration, the Turin Province and the Turin Municipality, with complementary roles in the governance of the Piedmont area.

Today, thanks to CSI-Piemonte, Piedmont became an "integrated administration system", able to face the e-government challenge, simplify administrative processes and meet the expectations of citizens and companies alike through ICT innovative solutions. As far as the Open Data topic is concerned, CSI supported the Regional Government of Piedmont in the development of the Open Data Portal; in particular CSI ensured three main technical characteristics of the portal related to ICT aspects: access without restrictions to rationally organised public raw data in standard and open electronic


Web Link: http://www.csipiemonte.it