Piedmont Region

Piedmont Region is one of the most committed region in Italy in the field of innovation and ICT. Piedmont Region has been dedicated a great attention in harmonising its regional policies and strategies for ICT and innovation consistently with the priorities of the European Digital Agenda, by considering the participation in European ICT projects and networks a real opportunity to better align its regional policies and strategies with EU policies and Directives.

As far as the Open Data topic is concerned, the related activities of Piedmont Region began in 2009 focusing on two main areas: the organisation and regulation aspects related to the implementation of the EU Directive on Public Sector Information and the technological aspects on data harmonisation.

In this specific ICT field, Piedmont Region was the first Italian region having launched its own regional Open Data Portal http://www.dati.piemonte.it

REGIONE PIEMONTE, Direzione Ricerca Innovazione e Universit√† 

Web Link: http://www.regione.piemonte.it/