news2 The objective is to make public information available to citizens and the private sector so as to stimulate the economy, the transfer of knowledge and democracy.

The 19 partners of HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information) will meet in Ajaccio, Corsica (France), from 12 to 13 July to give the green light to the requirements report of the federated open data portal; a report based on the preliminary study of the different portals of the partners of this project and on the needs identified.

This is the first meeting since the one held in Turin (Italy), last April, which was the kick-off of this project. HOMER, included in the MED operational programme and led by the Italian region of Piemonte, aims at making the public service information available to both the private sector, in particular, and to citizenship, in general. The goal is to boost economic growth, the transfer of knowledge and technology, involvement and democracy.

The meeting will also aim, at the same time, at approving HOMER Corporate identity guidelines and the Communication Plan. Both documents have been developed by the partner Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía (Agency for the Agricultural and Fisheries management of Andalucía), a body attached to the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of Andalucia, Spain. The agency is involved in all the technical work of the project and is responsible for the Communication and Dissemination work package. In line with this topic, the web portal designed by the Catalan partner, Funditec, will be also presented.

The agenda of the meeting includes items such as the improvement of the access to public data and the participation of people in public policies, as an introduction, and then, a presentation of the Open Data working group, a presentation of the requirements preliminary report and the results of the questionnaires. Later, the various workshops will lead to the final document, which will be discussed on the second day of the meeting for its development and analysis. Finally, the conclusions of the European Open Data Week organised in Nantes (France) will be also presented and, the preparation of the next meeting that will be held in Crete (Greece), in September, will begin.


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