The 19 project partners met in Bologna to prepare a Federated Memorandum of Understanding and to better define a common operative to-do-list for the democratization of data.



HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of publicsector information) has analysed, in Bologna (Emilia Romana, Italy), the European basic directive (2003/98/EC) on PSI as a reference framework to identify existing rights on databases and the open licenses to apply in order to make these data available to citizens and businesses. A knowledge of these regulations is, in this sense, very important for building and managing a future federation of open data portals.


With regard to the Community legislative framework, the 19 partners from eight different countriesinvolved in this project led by the Piemonte Region stressed, within the European PSI Directive and taking into account the current review process in which said Directive is immersed, on the need of strengthening the relationship between accessibility and reusability and expanding its scope of application to include libraries, museums and archives.


In the same vein, the new horizons call for the 'automated readability' concept, for channeling efforts to make cross-sector searches easier through automated mechanisms and for forbidding exclusivity agreements and data monopolies. Furthermore, the meeting emphasised the combination between personal, open and administration data through terms such as purpose, proportionality or the obligations inherent in a process of information opening such as legitimacy or notification to the owner. The recommendation, at this point, is processing personal data as anonymous by default.


In consistency with the philosophy of transparency and the democratisation of information defined by HOMER, the cost of the reuse of data should be zero for users, that means, free or at a marginal rate which would depend on production and/or distribution costs. In the same vein, in case of a legal obligation to use licenses for the management of open data portals, project partners agreed on using standard licences already implemented such as the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0). By doing this, partners preclude the malpractice of creating new licenses for this end.


Memorandum of Understanding

In Bologna, CSI Piemonte proceed with the presentation of a first draft of Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of a federation of open data portals and collecting inputs by all partners to be included and integrated in the next version of the Memorandum, making a step ahead on the creation of this important document. Furthermore, the 19 HOMER partners started to design a guide of good practices which will be the foundation of the Federated Open Data Portal. Simplicity, the continuous updating of information and the promotion of the participation of social actors are some of the tips in this regard.






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