HOMER takes a step forward in the capitalisation strategy of the future federated open data portal


The nineteen partners involved in this project agreed, inCrete (Greece), the development o fsocio-economic study of the impact of public information policies in the Mediterranean area.


The  HOMER team works in the development of the open data federation which will integrate the different national, regional and local portals together with external systems via interfaces (APIs). The deadline for this tool to be operational by the definition of the metadata structure involved in the federation scheme, established on the meeting held in Crete, is seven months.


With the integration of the federated index in each different national, regional and local portals, this European project aims to boost economic growth, the transfer of knowledge and technology, innovation, participation and democracy in the Mediterranean, by facilitating the access to the public information both from the private sector, in particular, in order to increase their competitiveness and internationalisation, and citizenship, in general, in response to the growing demand for transparency."

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