HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information) 19 partners will meet from 2 to 5 October in Crete to address the capitalisation strategy of the project.

HOMER logoAfter the meeting held in July in Corsica, this next meeting in Crete is the next step in the definition of the activities which will enable the creation of a federated portal of open data, from which public information will be made available to the private sector and citizenship as innovation, competitiveness, economic growth, participation and democracy are the main objectives of this project, included in the MED operational programme.

The Region of Crete is the partner in charge of HOMER capitalisation work package, hence, this meeting will be primarily focused on this aspect and its implementation in the Mediterranean area. To do this, its economic and social impact as well as its transferability and synergies with other programmes and actions will be discussed during the meeting. The capitalisation work package aims at identifying, organising and evaluating experiences, knowledge or results in order to use them in the implementation of new and innovative projects. Thus, the strategy and actions which will be established from now on will be oriented to the use of the results after the end of the project, to the need to establish agreements and to obtain political commitments with those who make decisions. It also aims at identifying target groups interested in the use and promotion of its results, identifying funding schemes that will enable new public and private investment and establishing, if necessary, a permanent structure in order to ensure the long-term impact and sustainability of HOMER results.

All the activities to be developed in Crete during these days will be debated through round tables and workshops which will enable to establish the work methodology and, ultimately, the capitalisation strategy.

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