The website will disseminate the progresses of the project and facilitate and promote the exchange of information between the 19 partners working in the creation of a federated open data portal

webHOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information) has already launched its website, a tool that will disseminate the progresses and the most relevant aspects of the project; website that the 19 partners from eight European countries, led by the Italian region of Piemonte, will use to create a federated open data portal. The challenge is to make public information available to companies and citizens and, thus, boost economic growth, the transfer of knowledge and technology, innovation, participation and democracy.

The website, developed by one of the Spanish partners of the project, Funditec, aims at being one of the main tools or spaces for dialogue and exchange of information between the partners, as well as at becoming a reference for the private sector and for citizenship. In this sense, HOMER website, whose contents are developed in English and, that later on will be developed in other languages, comprises an open, public area and another intended for the internal use of the project partners.

The public area includes, in addition to the information on the project and a description of the partners, information on the main developments, news, space for the storage of the electronic newsletter to be published on a regular basis, a gallery of images using links to flickr, links to different sites of interest related to the project, contacts... At the same time, the website has also spaces to participate in social networks such as the recently created HOMER profile on Facebook.

The design of the web meets the guidelines established by HOMER Corporate identity guidelines, prepared by the Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía (Agency for the Agricultural and Fisheries management of Andalucía), a project partner and the responsible for the communication and dissemination work package. In addition, the Agency will provide contents to the website with the contributions of all the partners.


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