The 19 project partners established the foundations of the tool which will make public information available to citizens and the private sector so as to stimulate economic growth, innovation and participation.

HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information) partners met to set the roadmap for the launch of a federated open data portal from which public information will be made available to the private sector for innovation, competitiveness and economic growth, as well as to citizenship for participation and democracy. The meeting took place in Corsica (France), on 12th and 13th of July.


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The 19 partners of this project, framed in the MED operational programme and led by the Italian region of Piemonte, put on the table the ideas of their own open data portals and the needs that should be met to reach a common position, during the two days of meeting.

The services provided by the federated open data portal, the datasets, metadata, and services, the metadata and semantics and, the access to data and applications are the four packages around which the work of partners revolved in Corsica and, on which the definition and production of the first technical report of the requirements of HOMER platform were based.

The document presents an analysis of the current situation of public information in each one of the bodies participating in this transnational cooperation project. In this way, the document offers an overview from which general technical specifications can be defined. The meeting, in parallel, showed the differences between partners with regard to the development, knowledge and use of open data though it identified common issues and harmonised requirements.


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At the same time, the project Corporate identity guidelines and the Communication Plan were approved and, the web portal was presented. Social networks profiles, such as Facebook, have been also created. The website will be launched in the coming weeks; a fact that will allow partners to use it as a working tool.

The next meeting, after the kick-off that took place in April in Turin (Italy) and the meeting held in Corse, will take place on the Greek island of Crete on 3rd - 5th of October.


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