HOMER project comes to its end

HOMER is a strategic project of the MED Operative Programme that focuses on the theme of Open Data (OD), a world-wide policy that contributes, among others, at making available and exploitable Public Sector Information (PSI).
On 31st of march 2015 HOMER comes to its closure, as the duration of the project established by the Managing Authority of MED Programme is 36 months since the starting date, that was on 1st of april 2012.
Involving 19 partners of 13 Regions in 8 European countries, the overall goal of the project has been to contribute to unlock the full potential of the Public Sector Information in the Mediterranean space, by contributing to make the all area a competitive territory, able to match global competition and to ensure a sustainable growth and employment for the next generations. In line with the EU Digital Agenda, HOMER seeks to facilitate the wider deployment of PSI in Spain, Italy, France, Malta, Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus and Montenegro, enabling their public governments to better address the legal, cultural and technological challenges linked to PSI.
At the project idea creation in 2010, the OD scenario of MED area regions showed an important gap with some other european more developed regions as well as other countries worldwide. Little awareness of the policies of OD and its potential benefits, complex and fragmented legal frameworks, and too many difficulties in multilingual search, access and reuse of data, where identified as main problems.
Now, at project closure, relevant achievements are done so far in participant regions. To get to this point, HOMER has developed a strategy based on 4 complementary lines: harmonisation, capitalisation, comunication, and the development of pilot actions in the regions, based on the definition of Technical, Political and Legal Standards that allow those regions to face OD future with a positive approach.
The main outcomes can be summarise as:
Documental Legacy:
- Socioeconomic Study in the MED area: 

- State of the art in OD policies and estrategies: 

- Technical & Legal requirements for the HOMER Federation: 
- Memorandum of Understanding: 
 - Action plan for each participant region:
Technical Legacy:

- Partner's Open Data portals
- Staff trained on Open Data (with technical and legal expertise)
HOMER FEDERATION leds, at project closure, over 4.650 reusable datasets available... and increasing, 15 OD portals sharing PSI about strategic sectors (culture, agriculture, tourism, environment and energy), and a multi language search of metadata. HOMER FEDERATION is also open to future accession by other Partners.
Regarding OD and social participation, as well as information and awareness raising, the main outcomes are:
- Pilot actions workshops and hackathons, where through the re-use of federated data useful applications for citizens and government (36 apps and users scenarios) where developed. Available here:



- Public Conferences (Marseille, Seville, Turin and Brussels)
- HOMER websites (Project, Hack4med and Results):
- Dissemination through the most important social networks
- Brochures, posters and press releases
But HOMER experience has led also certains unknowns and several obstacles. Special efforts must be focused on increasing specialized skills and expertise in public administrations, keeping data updated and collected in machine readable formats, improving data quality, stimulating the reuse, and awareness raising on OD among data owners, users and general population. So much work is still to be done in the future.
If you want to know more about our vision for the future you can read our Manifesto document ( and express your support by adhering online with the form.
HOMER project partners hope that the work and the achievements done so far are useful for a better quality of life and economic growth in our regions. We want to thank to all those who contributed in any way to the success of the project, and express our interest in developing the OD movement and creating added value in our scope through the PSI reuse.
More information about the results of the project can be found at HOMER results microsite:
More information about the partnership and activities done so far, among others, can be found at HOMER website: 
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