Homer Project presented DURING the LAPSI 2.0 Final event in Brussels

LAPSI is The European network for high-level policy discussions and strategic action on all legal issues related to the access and the re-use of Public Sector Information. It is a Thematic Network funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme 2007-2013.

Last 28th of November, LAPSI 2.0 final event was held in Brussel, with a rich agenda in terms of contributions from experts on various topics. In the panel discussion “EU Projects Co-Cooperation, Present and Future”, six European projects have been presented, including HOMER, by CSI-Piemonte partner.

The meeting focused on findings and recommendations concerning the remaining legal barriers and obstacles to access and re-use of public sector information (PSI) on the European content market, and proposed measures and tools to stimulate the progress of the European market towards open data. The event was attended by the partners of the Lapsi 1 and Lapsi 2.0 projects plus partners from EVPSI project (Extracting Value from Public Sector Information: Legal Framework and Regional Policies), and from other interested stakeholders in matter of legal aspects of PSI.

The Homer project presentation consisted in a project presentation and active participation to the discussion. Other projects included in the panel discussion: EUROGI, SharePA, OpenLaws, ePSIplatform, Recode.

The aims of the participation of Homer project to the meeting was to raise awareness about Homer project results among the relevant and trend-setting community of LAPSI, to enhance and further develop a network of stakeholders, and gain relevant information in order to establish Homer continuity in time at best. An open invitation was launched to all present stakeholders of data portals, to join Homer federation and share their data.

The LAPSI community is leading the discussion in Europe on vital topics for opendata harmonization and development, such as license interoperability, privacy issues across EC countries, charge policy for data re-use and data distribution, re-use policies, good practices, and others.


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