OpenDai Project (Opening Data Architectures and Infrastructures for European Public Administrations), focused on innovation, business opportunities and digital services, is now inside the Homer Federation, providing 11 APIs. The Open-DAI project runs from 2012 through 2014. This project involves eleven partners from four European countries — Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey — working together for enabling public administrations to: Open data to a wide audience of potential users through an open data hub; evolve information systems toward an open model with a Service Oriented Architecture in order to overcome the current closed and monolithic structures; and host services in a scalable cloud infrastructure.
Around 4.000 elements exposed between datasets and APIs are available now in Homer Federation. This virtual system is conceived as potentially open to future accession by other Partners - free to conduct their own Open Data initiative independently of the HOMER project - with the opportunity to aggregate their respective and complementary skills in order to maximize advantages and effects of a common federated index.
The result can be found querying the search engine at, and the portal is included in the statistic page. The language in which the 11 APIs are exposed is English and it associated the European Community flag to indicate the project. 
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