Aragon Open Data´s Jacathon

Last September 26th and 27th took place the Aragón Open Data´s Jacathon. It has been organized by the New Technology Department of the Aragón Government (Spain) inside the European HOMER project. This event, oriented to informatic developers and other data professionals, made progress in a collaborative way at the Jaca Dorm of the Zaragoza University

After the 24-hours-non-stop hackathon phase, several interesting applications were developed using the Aragón data. Among all of them we want to highlight the winners of the Jacathon: the first prize was shared by Visual AragoPedia (Rafa García Ortega, Beatriz Martínez Martínez y Fernando Blat Peris) and a Visual search engine of territorial information about Aragón (Tania Escudero Fernández y Alejandro Fernández Carrera), both proposals were centered in the usability as the way to improve the access to the data. There was also a prize for the most creative idea given to a web application that studied the Rural Schools in Aragón (Javier Rubio Rubio, Dani Latorre Velilla, Jesús Barón Rodríguez y Rafael Ramos Guayar) and a prize for the best business idea given to Aragón Open Trails (Carlos Matallín Civera, Gonzalo Izquierdo Gracia, Luís Bosque y Sergio Rubio Gracia) that shows 600 trails mixed with customized ads all around the Aragón region.

If you could not participate at the Jacathon, Aragon Open Data gives you the chance to know what happened there through their digital content. You can see a video summarizing what happened there, you can see the training and the proposals presentations and a web study that have been done about the internet impact of the Jacathon through Tweets.



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