Final Conclusions of Cyprus

The last conference of HOMER held in Cyprus from 9 to 10 September addressed the final conclusions arisen in the context of Open Data: Homer project steps forward on harmonising Open Data across Mediterranean, by recognising the benefits of making open hundreds of public databases and reusable such as government transparency and the development of digital market. But Homer goes beyond, setting up the basis and developing a Federation of open data portals aimed at encouraging interoperability between sectoral data. In this sense, key aspects about the future of the Federation were discussed (minimum maintenance costs, participation according to the Memorandum, new conditions to enjoy the services of the federation, open to new members).

It is also remarkable, the development of two pilots actions, aimed at stimulating innovative entrepreneurial ideas and the participation of citizens in the definition of policies through the utilization of open data. Homer results are in line with the objective of the MED Programme: “to make the whole MED area a territory able to meet international concurrence in order to ensure growth and employment for the next generations. Support territorial cohesion and actively intervene in favour of environmental protection within the framework of sustainable development”. According to experts, it is time to work for the improvement of data quality .

In the framework of the Open Days 2014, the next event called "The Future of Open Data in the Digital Agenda" will take place in Brussels on 7 October. This event aims to disseminate the experience of Homer in order to further progress in future actions.

Cyprus Group


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