Hard and good work at Hack4med hackathon in Turin / Regione Piemonte

The Hack4med hackathon in Turin (May, 17th 2014) - organised by the Homer lead partner Regione Piemonte - was an exiting experience of 24 hours No Stop hard working session to finally develop concrete projects using the huge amount of available Homer Open Data: the 2.839 (today 3.329) federated datasets available thanks to Homer Project and to the unified search engine ( realised by CSI Piemonte.

The numbers of the meeting speak for themselves: more than 50 persons involved by the event, 20 active participants to the hackathon, 5 teams for 5 projects, 25 years old the average age of the participants, 24 hours No Stop working, more than 250 coffee, some beers and nearly 0 minutes sleeping!

You can directly feel the mood of the day by watching this 1-minute video:

The D-day began with an introduction by the organisers and a warm welcome by University of Turin hosting the hackathon. A short video conference call with the Italian Chamber of Deputies where another hackathon was starting in the same hours offered a very good opportunity to share feelings and ideas, but also to keep alive and strong the connection between the national and the European level.

Some more minutes to give to participants all the ingredients for their work - last updates about 15 health related datasets released by Regione Piemonte and some details about the APIs created by the Open-DAI Project - and the work began after some significant words by Roberto Moriondo the Chief Director of Innovation, Research, Universities and Sustainable Energy Development - Regione Piemonte:

«finally the real work on datasets could start!».

Developers, students, designers and citizens composed the 5 groups. They worked hard on different subjects as health, culture, services and energy efficiency. They developed very interesting web apps and tools for different targets: tourist, citizens, bikers and even app and software developers or public and private institutions.

All final products are multi-language and most of them are multi-platform working demos.

Here the list of the 5 projects presented:

  • OpenRosetta (AXANT Team of Marcello Cardea, Simone Gasbarroni, Andrei Neagu, Simone Marzola and Alessandro Molina),
  • POI Turin -Point of Interest Turin (TigerTeam of Alex Comunian, Andrea Beccaris, Gabriele Consiglio, Mattia Meleleo),
  • Bike TO Bike (team of Lidia Veerman, Roman Paci, Antonella Fieni, Josue Ponce),
  • Pharmacy (IAKTA Team of Walter Gamba, Piergiorgio Barra, Federico Ianne, Erik Martielli) and
  • OpenEnergyMAP (team of Giuseppe Futia, Simone Basso, Alessio Melandri, Alessandro Quaranta).

The groups also understood - and reached in some cases - the difficult goal to use a large number of Homer datasets and work with a trans-national attitude, linking different countries and cultures. The Open Rosetta project tools - developed during the hackathon - is a particularly good example in this sense: it uses all the Homer datasets, translates different kind of data to a common format and structure, converts data to a common naming convention and translates to English datasets in different languages.

This hackathon day has been a concrete contribution to Homer objective to encourage Open Data use and interoperability between sectoral data. A small step forward also to reach the main objective of the MED Programme: “to make the whole MED area a territory able to meet international concurrence in order to ensure growth and employment for the next generations”.

At the end of the 24 hours all groups presented shortly their work to the organiser and to the public.

After the hard work made by the jury, now the final winners of the hackathon contest have been announced in:

The next important event (SAVE THE DATE) is the Homer Open Data Award Ceremony on 9th July in Turin, in the presence of the Managing Authority, and with some interesting round table discussions, speeches and presentations.

You can find the full program and subscribe here:

The Open Data Award Ceremony will surely be one more opportunity to strengthen and to share the rich knowledge of this extremely productive Homer Hack4med experience.

Open Minds, stay still tuned!

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