AGAPA encourages the citizen creativity in solving public needs through the Reuse of Public Sector Information

AGAPA has held the second workshop within the pilot B action of HOMER on May 13th in Cordoba (Spain). During the workshop, the citizenship creativity was encouraged for defining projects that match current business needs or improve the quality of life of the region, through the Reuse of Public Sector Information. The goal was an evaluation of all these generated projects according to some evaluation criteria (innovation, impact and viability) in order to select the most outstanding one.

The workshop was attended by about thirty professionals from different sectors of both public and private sphere, who represented all the actors involved in the pilot projects: data owners, entrepreneurs, potential users of data, information and technology developers, as well as the citizenship.

As in the previous workshop it had the participation of members of the European project alpha3–AGROEMPRENDES, which aims to promote entrepreneurship and professionalism as mechanisms to improve employment in the food industry, in order to enhance the social-economic development of Latin America (

Four ideas for business projects based on RPSI were obtained in the workshop: “El gusto es tuyo (The pleasure is yours” as a service for the collection of information on consumer trends by identifying recycled packaging; “Alimenta (Feed)”, mobile application with georeferenced information of traditional food products and their outlets; “Clear Price” mobile application that improves the transparency of information on the price of the product along its supply chain; and “App CyD online”, tool to optimize the logistics of loading and unloading of goods, mainly fresh food products.

Some of these entrepreneurial ideas were developed in the Hack4Med held on May 17th of april. It is important to note that one of the two teams that participated in the workshop Cordoba the Hackthon, E-ETSIAM, won second prize as “Best innovative solution” with the development of “Iagrod”: a mobile application useful to farmers or people in general that provides information of different weather parameters in real time and geolocated.

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