Hack4Med: Well done!

Under the HOMER project, HACK4MED, the Hackathon Non Stop 24 hours was successfully developed in 6 Mediterranean regions simultaneously (Andalusia, Crete, Corse, Montenegro, Piemonte and Veneto). The event has fulfilled its main goal of stimulating and developing digital applications, by exploiting opened and federated public datasets. Around 100 participants developed almost 30 Apps offering solutions benefits to citizens and reusing a wide variety of Open data, highlighting more than 2.839 federated datasets available in Homer Federation.

In general terms, hackathons were dynamic workshops, starting with some presentations by dataset owners, followed by brainstorming activities in which hackers had the opportunity to interview data owners and discuss their ideas. The teams, that were able to make it to the end presented their results to the audience as well as to the Award Committee. Finally, such Committee decided on the winners in each region, based on the criteria defined on the Hack4med site for each award category.

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Next appointment: Torino.

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