Hack4med Barcamp exchange in Turin / Regione Piemonte

The “warm up” phase for the upcoming Hack4med hackathon contest in Turin (17th of May) has been completed with success by the Hack4med Barcamp at Campus Luigi Einaudi on the 8th May. It was one more opportunity to realize the great commitment of the Regione Piemonte in promoting Open Data system and mentality and in stimulating experiences exploiting and re-using Public Sector Information (PSI).

The discussion began with the presentation of the Homer datasets currently available on the Federated Search Engine (and/or and the explanation of all the procedures (search page features and semantic multilanguage search) to find and get the sought datasets.

Regione Piemonte also presented an important achievement: the first health open datasets are now available! All groups participating to the hackathon are encouraged to use it.

Relying on the passion and the responsibility of the participants all attendees were invited to present a short personal session to contribute to the barcamp discussion and to share doubts and projects. Most participants presented their personal background and the composition of the their group before asking questions to clarify expectations of organizers and some specific aspects about procedures and data formats.

So everything now is ready and all the groups are waiting for the contest day.
Stay tuned!

Barcamp turin

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