Crete partner has launched two workshops on April in the context of Hack4Med to inform developers about the Hackathon and the datasets that will be available to them. The first workshop took place at the National and Technical University of Athens on the 14 th of April where speakers highlighted the importance of the Requirements and Good Practices for Open public data; the Open Data in Crete and Panagiotis Argyris for the Open Data Strategy of the DAC; and the Update data sets that can be used in HACK4MED.

The second workshop was held at Technopolis, Gazi on April 28 to engage developers to participate on the Hack4MED contest that will take place in Crete on May and will be co-organized by The Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS), Decentralized Administration of Crete and University of Crete. The representatives of all three partners presented the datasets that developers have on their disposal. Also it was an opportunity for developers to discuss any questions they might have about the event.

crete workshop

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