The Hack4med Workshop in Turin (April, 15th 2014) was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the development of Open Data applications and products. The meeting stimulated the participants by offering a wide panorama of experiences exploiting and re-using Public Sector Information (PSI), and provided them with information and technical elements to develop their own projects for the next Hack4med contest (, the Homer Project hackathon on the 17th of May. 
Hack4med is a challenge to stimulate the development of ideas in five strategic fields for the Med agenda: agriculture, tourism, environment, energy and culture. Also, Hack4med creates opportunities for economical and productive re-use of the huge Homer Data assets and to integrate them even with other Open Data sets. In this context, speakers stressed the importance of sharing creative ideas (they can easily survive and be developed further after a contest) and innovation in order to realize the social and organizational transformation citizens need. 
In addition, CSI-Piemonte spoke about the ONE project related to improve regional capacity for planning investments in ICT via a new network of observatories and about the Open-DAI project: “eOpening Data Arquitectures and Infraestructures” for European Public Administrations (Pas). 
This working group comprised of Homer Partners (Regione Piemonte as Project Manager and Regione Veneto as Task Leader), CSI-Piemonte, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Top-ix and Centro Nexa.
The pleasant atmosphere during all workshops resulted in an extremely productive and interesting exchange between lectures and led to productive discussions with the participants. A great “warm up” for the upcoming Hack4med contest.
Turin Workshop

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