The first HACK4MED Open Call is now running. The general aim is to inform potential participants about the Hackathons, the opened datasets available and the goals to be reached during the first day. The “Call for ideas” aims specifically at gathering ideas and proposals online and it will address both potential participants as well as potential users interested in open data.
The ideas and proposals will be voted online during the whole period of opening of the call through an open procedure directly by web site visitors. The most voted ideas will be used as a point of reference (priorities) to address the activities and goals of Hackathon participants. However, the outputs of call for ideas are not binding for the participants of the event.
Hack4med is the International Homer Project Hackaton to stimulate the development of digital application by exploiting public datasets opened and federated and an “open data e-participation” focused on the participation of citizens in the definition of projects through the co-elaboration of new applications. You are invited to participate in Hack4MED 2014. It will be held simultaneously in different regions of MED area (Andalusia, Crete, Corsica, Montenegro, Piemonte and Veneto) next 17-18 May.
It will be the best opportunity to compete on technological solutions, sharing your experiences in the fields of Energy, Environment, Tourism, Culture and Agriculture in an enriching atmosphere.

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