Veneto Region organizes a Conference about Open Data and Hack4Med Contest

The Conference “Veneto Goes Open – Hack4MED and Roadmap to Veneto Open Data” organized by Veneto Region will be held next April 3 in Venice and will be focused on the theme of Open Data, in terms of benefits achievable for Institutions, businesses and citizens, and the state of art of their diffusion in Veneto. The Conference also aims at introducing the forthcoming Hack4MED contest ( next May, 17th 2014.
Concerning participants, representatives of Local Institutions, University, Businesses and Students will attend the Conference.
Additionally, Veneto Region will present Homer Project and Hack4MED contest next May, 17th 2014. At the plenary session in the morning there will be the presentation of the policies on Open Data for the re-use of public information and state of the art. The afternoon will be dedicated to a series of Working Tables "Open Lab" and "Speakers' Corner" with talks, presentations of experiences thematic analyses on various issues related to the re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI), including opening of geographic data, environmental data, data on cultural heritage, data on energy consumption, etc.
HOMER is the strategic MED project that focuses on the theme of Open Data, a world-wide policy aiming at making available and exploitable Public Sector Information (PSI). Governments are increasingly recognising the benefits of making their data open and reusable. The first is transparency: simply opening PSI, citizens can be better informed and participate in the decision making process. The second is linked to the economic value of PSI, whose wider re-use is considered a primary content resource for the development of digital markets.
Under the HOMER project, the Pilot A aims to stimulate the development of digital applications, by exploiting public datasets opened and federated. In this sense a hackathon, Hack4Med, will be held next May, 17th 2014.

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