HOMER advances on its Federation, Action Plans and Pilots in Malta

HOMER partners met on 11 and 12 March in Malta to discuss all aspects related to the results and progress of the project among other issues.

During the first morning, the event was open to the general public, presenting the state of Open Data in Malta through several examples of Open Data portals.
This first part of the event was completed with the presentation of some portals of HOMER partners as examples of good practices and the presentation of the project and HOMER Federation in a video. Also, internal meeting among HOMER partners was held and it was talked about the technical requirements to access to the Federated Search Engine from the regional Open Data portals, and the Federated Search Engine test page.
The last meeting day, 13 partners presented their draft version of the Open Data Action Plans, explaining the progress in report write up, activities undertaken in order to obtain information for the action plan, barriers and recommendations for improvement and definition of the next road map. In addition, both pilot actions were further analysed in working groups, setting up the next steps to follow. Pilot A meeting have been particularly interesting because it is the last meeting before the hackatons, Hack4med, that will take place next May 17 (

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