HOMER presence in the “International Open Data Day ITALIA 2014”
Italian regions partner in HOMER project will participate presenting project results and the hackathon HACK4MED in the different cities’ events organized under the second International Open Data Day ITALY on February 22, 2014.
The "International Open Data Day" aims to gather and engage citizens around the world to write applications, create visualizations and propose analyzes based on open data for general government, to encourage adoption of open data policies by local governments, regional and national.
The main objective of Italian regions (Regione Piemonte, Regione Veneto, Regione Emilia Romagna and Regione Sardegna) involved in Homer project is to promote the establishment of real operational working groups that could develop a shared documentation on main topics related with Open Data and analyzes operational/technical challenges or solutions on specific topics, enhancing the experience gained so far in Italy. It aims to survey the experiences in opening and stimulating the use of open data, identify best practices to promote the transition from Open Data to Linked Open Data in Public Administration: these are only some of the activities carried out by the working groups from December onwards, to re-activate the energies that have ensured cooperation and to decide together how to define and organize the International Open Data Day next February 22, 2014.
The First Italian International Open Data Day was a great success thanks to the participation and cooperation of wide range of Italian participants from local public administrations, small businesses, associations to large enterprises, central government and university research centers.
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Agenda of Bologna event:

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