Aragon Open Data completes first year

The initiative on open data of the Regional Government of Aragon, that is integrated into the European project called HOMER, has doubled the contents that are available for citizens in order to give the opportunity to use and improve them.

The aim of the seminar organised for Thursday, February 6, by the Department for Industry and Innovation, is to know and learn about the latest trends and new services in the field of open data. The meeting, which will also coincide with the first anniversary of the open data initiative of the Regional Government of Aragon called Aragon Open Data, will allow to present the activities carried out by the region of Aragon within the framework of HOMER, project in which Aragon is involved as a partner. Furthermore, this meeting will bring different experts in this field to Zaragoza. Among them, the director of the United Kingdom open data portal - -, Antonio Acuña, will participate. This portal was, along with the one of the United States, the first open data portal launched worldwide and it hosts more than 17,000 data sets and is exemplary in terms of the possibilities that it offers for the participation of citizens. The international community manager of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF), Zara Rahman, will also attend the meeting. This non-profit organisation has aimed to promote open content and data since 2004.

Those in charge of the General Directorate for New Technologies of the Regional Government of Aragon will present those new services that have been developed through Aragon Open Data, such as the improvement of the website budgets display - which will incorporate the figures and executions of councils and counties; AragoPedia, service that will allow all municipalities to have their own set of open data; the improvements implemented for data managers or Open Social Data, that is a project of active listening that gathers detailed information about Aragon generated on social networks and that unifies it so that anyone who wants to be aware of what is happening in the region, can get it in a single site.

During this first year of Aragon Open Data portal, not only has it expanded its portfolio of services but it has also doubled both the number of data sets available and the downloadable files, which are about 450 and 1,000 respectively.

This open data initiative of the Regional Government of Aragon is integrated into similar projects inside and outside Spain, like the project HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information, in collaboration with the company Sarga) - which aims to achieve the interoperability of data between Mediterranean countries. This seminar, that will take place on February 6, is part of HOMER, project included in the Med Programme (, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF.

Please find the full program of the seminar, which will start at 09:15 hours in the Salón de actos de Bantierra (C / Coso 29, Zaragoza), at

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