University “Mediterannean” organized a First Workshop with ICT students and programmers in the framework of HOMER Pilot A action

Within the frame of the Pilot A action University “Mediterranean” has organised the First Workshop with ICT students and programmers on 27. January 2014.

Pilot A action that takes place within the HOMER project aims to improve access for citizens and businesses to public information by encouraging their participation in public policy by developing applications for this purpose, as well as stimulate the exploitation of public information by the private sector.

The First Workshop took place at University “Mediterranean” in the form of informal presentation, disscusion and practical work with programmers. In the first part of Workshop, University Project team presented guidelines and rules for participating in HACK4MED hackaton. The second part of the Workshop icluded presentation of HOMER Open data portals with special emphasis on Montenegro Open Data portal ( The second part of the workshop was devoted to the "resources" potentially useful to developers for the hackathon to HOMER. Third part of Workshop has been organised as open discussion with programmers on the resources currently available, and those that will soon be on the HOMER Open Data portals. Also, University Project team organized practical work with programmers in order to introduce them available technoligies for creating applications and procedures for creating APIs.

The First Workshop was attended by ICT students from all Universities in Montenegro, freelancer and programmers from private IT companies in Montenegro. The results of the workshop are very satisfactory, group dynamics passed smoothly and attendees were very participative. In the meeting, opportunities for improvement and expansion of available public data in Montenegro, were identified. All participants were very interested in HAC4MED competition and improvement of services for citizens that may arise through the opening, use and reuse of public data.

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