HOMER partners discussed the achievements and challenges of the project in the meeting held in Slovenia

During this meeting, the State of the Federation and the respective action plans were also analysed. In addition, pilot A and B were further developed in the workshops

 HOMER 19 project partners met in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 11 and 12 December, in order to address the various issues related to the respective Open Data portals and to analyse the current situation of the Federation. In this sense, during the first day, the Steering Committee evaluated the actions performed and those that are pending of execution for the remaining period of HOMER.

On the other hand, partners had the opportunity to know first-hand the objectives and proposals in relation with communication that are included in the recommendation guide in order to highlight both the Action Plan and pilot projects A and B.

Both pilot projects were addressed during much of the time of the session through two workshops in which the fact that the members involved are complying the established calendar was emphasised. Regarding pilot project A, it will be a hackathon, Hack4MED, to be held simultaneously in the regions of the partners involved on May 17, 2014. Concerning pilot project B, progresses made and actions planned were shown so that there was an exchange of successful practices and interesting ideas for the next steps to be taken.

In particular, the work carried out since the previous meeting held Montenegro up to the one held in Slovenia, was also addressed.

Precisely, the host partner, Slovenia, presented the current status of Open Data in this country, as well as the legal framework of open data in its territory and their interoperability, presenting specific examples. The meeting was attended by public authorities of Slovenia.

The next meeting will take place in Malta on March 11-12.

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