AGAPA organized a meeting with data owners in the framework of HOMER pilot project B

Pilot B action that takes place within the HOMER project aims to improve access for citizens and businesses to public information by encouraging their participation in public policy by developing applications for this purpose , as well as stimulate the exploitation of public information by the private sector.

Within the frame of the pilot B conducted by AGAPA, the second meeting with open data owners took place last 18th of December. The meeting was held on Campus Rabanales of the University of Córdoba, and was attended by: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Córdoba, Mercacordoba, the Delegation of transport mobility and accessibility and the Delegation of Jobs Tourism and Agriculture of the Local Government of Córdoba, EPRINSA (Provincial Computing Enterprise), the Provincial Energy Agency of Córdoba, Territorial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Andalucía, the Departments of Surveying and Mapping and Agricultural Economics and Sociology of the University of Córdoba, the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, the IFAPA (Andalusian Institute of agricultural and fisheries research and training) and Open Kratio.

During the meeting, there was an introduction of the pilot project that is being carried out in Córdoba, as well as, a workshop with data owners to discuss the idea of "Public information as an opportunity for economic and social growth". On the one hand, the aim of this meeting was to encourage attendees to collaborate in the development of this pilot project by providing ideas, experiences, information, or collaborating in its dissemination. On the other hand, it was also intended to obtain feedback from the attendees for the development of HOMER´s action plan and, their collaboration for the development of Hack4Med that will take place within pilot action A.

The results of the workshop were very satisfactory, group dynamics passed smoothly and attendees were very participative. In the meeting, opportunities for improvement, modernization and expansion of those public services that may arise through the opening, use and reuse of public data, were identified. All participants were very interested in collaborating with HOMER pilot action B.

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