AGAPA launches HACK4MED, the hackathon that the partners involved in HOMER pilot project A will develop at the same time on May 17

A total of nine HOMER partners are involved in Pilot project A, aimed at developing HACK4MED. Regione Veneto is the partner responsible for the coordination of all the activities

Those HOMER partners involved in pilot project A have already started the activities to carry out a Hackathon, called HACK4MED, at the same time. The objective of this Hackathon is to develop applications capable of solving problems through the reuse of public data.

With regard to Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía, as HOMER partner and as a member of pilot project A, it has already launched the official call and executed the first technical conference aimed at disseminating HOMER, in general and, in particular, HACK4MED, which will take place in Seville on May 17, the same day than the rest of Hackathons to be organised by the other partners involved.

This meeting was attended by a total of 13 entities related to open data although they came from different fields. The following entities participated in the meeting: two public bodies (AGAPA and D.G for Digital policy of the Regional Ministry for finance and public administration of Andalusia), four private companies, a public company, a local media, three associations and two representatives from the academic and research fields.

They all had the opportunity to know more about HOMER, its dissemination objectives and the need to involve public administrations, the private sector, universities, groups of research, etc. Two participatory activities aimed at promoting the participation of the attendees in the organization, sponsorship, dissemination of the event and identification of data sets were successfully developed during the meeting.

The actions carried out under HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information) are now being developed in order to achieve the creation of new open data portals as well as a federated portal of open data. To do this, HOMER actions are currently developed based on the already mentioned pilot project A and another one called, pilot project B.

HOMER Pilot project A aims to stimulate private companies to have innovative entrepreneurial ideas to exploit open data through the development of web and mobile applications.

In addition to Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía (AGAPA), the partners involved in this pilot project are: Collective Territoriale de Corse - Service de développement Technologique, Decentralized Administration of Crete, The Greek Free/Open Source software Society (GFOSS), University of Creete, Regione Emilia-Rogmana, Faculty for Information Technology, University “Mediterranean” of Montenegro, Regione Piemonte - Direzione Ricerca Innovazione e Università and Regione of Veneto, which is the Coordinator of pilot project A.

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