Homer, Road to Hack4Med! 2014

Emilia-Romagna Region attends the Smart City Exhibition, which is taking place from 16th to 18th October in Bologna. The first day, this region will hold a preparatory workshop to the hackathon Hack4Med! 2014 which will be organized within the European project HOMER (Harmonising Open data in the Mediterranean).

It will be an opportunity to talk about open data, with the specific goal of being able to reuse data during the hackathon of HOMER, which will be held in the spring of 2014.

During the workshop will also be addressed integration points with European project iCity, which promotes the co-creation of applications and services in the public interest with the active involvement of citizens, businesses, universities and associations.

The first part of the workshop is devoted to the "resources" potentially useful to developers for the hackathon to HOMER. An open discussion on the resources currently available, and those that will soon be on the open data portal region.

The second part of the workshop, "DataViz" is a workshop session on data visualization: a "preview" of the dataset with environmental information that will be published on the regional open data portal ““.

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