Local Councils’ Association to cooperate with Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) for the development of the first Open Data portal in Malta.

On 3rd September 2013, the HOMER team in Malta, consisting of representatives of LCA, University of Malta and the external expert, had the official approval that cooperation between MITA, LCA and HOMER will be possible. As a result of the high level meeting, the HOMER team will be provided with access to the content management system of the Open Data portal which is currently to be found in beta. The LCA will be able to upload 5-10 datasets with metadata by the end of the 2013 which will also form part as one of the main deliverables of the HOMER project. The datasets will be uploaded in csv format.

The cooperation also invisage common promotional campaign of the portal and organization of conferences, seminars and workshops.

During 2014, MITA which is the responsible body for launching and maintaining of government portals, will be working on launching the official Open Data portal.

The cooperation between both parties is a big step for the LCA team and the HOMER project.

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