Piemonte Visual Contest: Using Open Data to tell a story of the Italian region of Piedmont

Tell us a story of Piedmont Region, using the big amount of available open datasets.
Piemonte Visual Contest is organized by TOP-IX Consortium and the Piedmont Regional Council, that is the regional legislative Assembly of Piedmont, North-West Italy. We invite you to submit visualization proposals based on data, opened by Piedmont Region as well as other public administrations or private sector, related to any kind of activity at the regional level.

How does it work
The contest is open to citizens, associations, communities of developers and/or designers (graphic and web), schools and companies of the European Union. The aim of Piemonte Visual Contest is to collect data visualization proposals, either static or dynamic. The only rule is to use public data sets!

The contest is divided into two categories: Infographics (static visualizations) and Data Visualization (dynamic visualizations). A jury made up of experts will select six project proposals (three for each category). The first prize is € 2,500.00, the second prize € 1,000.00, and the third prize € 500.00.

The organizers
Piemonte Visual Contest is designed by the Consortium Top-IX and the Piedmont Regional Council, in collaboration with the Open Data Board of the Piedmont Region Directorate of Innovation. Their longstanding collaboration, with many other local players, private and public, has made Piedmont a leader in the open data sector at the European level.

Media partners of Piemonte Visual Contest are the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa, with - Digital Innovation and Chefuturo! - Lunario dell’Innovazione, both gathering the best of Italian professionals in the digital sector.

The contest calls communities and networks of developers and digital activists to engage themselves in a collective intelligence process, aimed at facilitating access to Piedmont public digital heritage, in order to improve transparency, as well as the quality and quantity of information datasets available to citizens.

Data sources
Data are mainly available on the Piedmont Region open data portal The portal is renown for being the best Italian example of making available and exploitable Public Sector Information (PSI), in accordance with the European Directive 2003/98/CE, which considers PSI as “an important primary material for digital content products and services” to be re-used “to exploit its potential and contribute to economic growth and job creation”.

July 2013: online launch on the website
20/09/2013: start of the contest.
30/11/2013: submission of proposals are due by 11:00 p.m. (Rome time).
January 2014: award ceremony and closing event.

Extra events could be added to the agenda, aiming at exchanging ideas for apps and how to perform them.

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For more information, message us on twitter @crpiemonte / @top_ix

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