AGAPA launches a pilot action on Open Data within the framework of the
project HOMER in which it participates

The main stakeholders, citizens and businesses, will be directly involved in this action that will address the problems and opportunities of the agri-food sector through Open Data

On the occasion of the participation of AGAPA as a partner in the project HOMER, (Harmonising Open Data in the Mediterranean trough better access and the Re-use of public sector information), it has launched a pilot action on open data that will be focussed on the improvement of the agri-food sector. In addition, this pilot action will be unique as it will have the direct participation of the main stakeholders, citizens and businesses, from the very beginning.

The aim of this action is to seek solutions to citizens’ or businesses’ needs or problems through the opening and reuse of public data. To do this, on July 11th, a meeting took place in Cordoba to establish a working group as well as to carry out the first workshop that has defined specific issues to be addressed and to detect those needs of businesses and consumers that can be met through the opening and reuse of public data.

The action proposed will be developed in the province of Cordoba and will be focused on the development and improvement of the agri-food sector. The working group set up for this purpose will participate in the decision-making process during the development of this action together with AGAPA. This working group comprises agents and entities from various backgrounds such as agricultural companies like Arteoliva and Los Balanchares, the Regulating Boards of the Protected Designations of Origin "Pedroches" and "Priego de Córdoba", Cordobaviva as a company in the tourism sector, Inte-lify as a company in the sector of technologies of information, the Department of Economics, Sociology and Agricultural policy of the University of Cordoba and citizens’ associations like Openkratio and others created for the promotion of organic farming like Palma Ecológica."

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