HOMER Open Data Seminar in Malta


The HOMER Open Data seminar was held on 24th May 2013 at the Corinthia Hotel St George Bay in Malta. The participants, coming from various sectors and background attended the event. Among them representatives of local councils, MTCE, MTA, the University of Malta, NSO, MEPA, DOI, Ministries, Local Councils and ordinary public.

The aim of the seminar was to introduce the Open Data (OD) in Malta and increase awareness about the benefits OD can bring to the society, economy and government transperancy.

The LCA team believes that the seminar is just the starting point for the process in Malta and the Maltese citizens will be soon benefiting from their own Open Data portal.

Interesting speakers took part in the seminar among them the LCA team (Ms Lili Vasileva and Mr. Jimmy Magro) who presented the HOMER project and Brian Warrington, external expert, presenting examples of Open Data portals and more technical issues related to OD.

Mr. Luca Gueretta from Piedmont Region who is also the Lead partners of the Homer project, presented the OD portal from Piedmont Region, Italy, as well as the idea and origins of the HOMER project.

Dr Julian Zarb, Director of Tourism from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Environment spoke about the importance of civil awareness and its links to citizens participation in Open Data.

Dr. Saviour Formosa from the University of Malta presented the 3d Map of Malta which holds an enermous amount of data which can be made available to the public.


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