The meeting of the project HOMER held in Marseille addressed the new challenges of professionalizing and harmonising Open Data

In addition, the issue of the long term operability of good practices was also addressed

The last meeting of HOMER, Harmonising Open Data project in the Mediterranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information, held in Marseille, France, from 26 to 28 June, addressed two of the new challenges arisen in the context of open data: professionalizing and harmonising open data.

This meeting, which took place in the framework of the European Open Data Week held in Marseille, also discussed the long term operability of good practices.

So during the week and in addition to the meeting of the Open Data Group of France, it was highlighted the fact that in the past years people have been working in a series of actions that HOMER will try to promote. The objective is to improve the quality of data, involve all stakeholders, publish more effectively, facilitate sustainable initiatives and, especially, harmonise open data initiatives.

Furthermore and as a conclusion of the activities developed in Marseille, three major challenges were established:

- Achieving interoperability in order to find and discover new data and determine the possibilities of a project in other territories.
- Good practices for long term animations.
- Enhancing data reuse through standardization as well as harmonising data formats at international level and simplifying legal policies.

In addition and during Thursday, twelve thematic workshops of great interest on open data were carried out while on Friday, a meeting of HOMER partners took place.

This last meeting addressed the methodology to be followed for the preparation of the action plans at regional level. Each region presented how it intends to organise the preparation of those action plans answering specific questions such as what owners and users of data they aimed to involve, how they will get involved and participate in the different stages, what datasets are going to be identified and for which sectors and what are the foreseen problems, recommendations and ideas for implementation. Action plans will become short to medium term strategies in the field of open data in the regions.

Finally, the status of the project at its halfway point was addressed. Each working group leader and task leader presented the status of the project at that time focusing on the expected goals, milestones and achievements to date.


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