The general conditions contained in the present legal warning regulate the access and use of the web page that HOMER Project offers you. The access to the web page implies the acceptance without reserves of the present conditions.

The use of certain services offered in this site will be governed, in addition, by the particular conditions foreseen in each case, which will be understood as accepted by the mere use of such services.

We authorize visualization, printing and partial download of the Web page's content only and exclusively if the following conditions concur:

That it is compatible with the aims of the Web page.

That it is done with the sole aim of obtaining the contained data for personal and private use. It is explicitly forbidden to use the data with a commercial end or for its distribution, public diffusion, modification or decompilation.

That none of the contents of the Web page are modified in any way.

That no graphics, icons or images available in the Web page are used, copied or distributed separately from the rest of images that accompany it.

The unauthorized use of the information contained in the Web page, its resale, as well as the violation of the intellectual or industrial rights, property of HOMER Project, will derive into those legally established responsibilities.

The user is solely responsible for the access to the Web page, as well as the unauthorized use of the information it contains.

HOMER Project, reserves the right to conduct, at any time and without previous warning, modifications and updates of the information contained in the page Web, of the configuration and presentation of the web page, and of the conditions of access.

HOMER Project is not responsible for any security breaches that might take place or produced nor of the damages that can be caused to your computer (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored in your computer, as a result of:

The presence of a virus in the user's computer during or after accessing the web page and its services and contents.

Malfunction of the navigator.

The use of outdated versions of the navigator.

HOMER Project uses virus detection programs to control all the Contents that are introduced in the Web site. HOMER Project does not guarantee the absence of virus or of other contents in the Web page introduced by third parties unrelated to HOMER Project that can produce alterations in the user's physical or logic systems or electronic documents and files stored in their systems. Therefore, HOMER Project will not be in any case responsible for any damage and damages of any nature that could derive from a virus or any other electronic elements that can produce alterations in the physical or logical systems, documents or files of the User.

HOMER Project uses various protection measures on its Web site against computer and informatics attacks from third parties. However, third HOMER Project does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties can have access use of the Web site, what the user does or the conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which this use is made.

Consequently, HOMER Project will not be in any case responsible for the damages that could be derived from this unauthorized access. HOMER Project, does not guarantee the nonexistence of interruptions or errors in the access to the page Web page or its content, nor does that this one is updated at all time. HOMER Project, whenever causes do not concur that make it impossible or of difficult execution and as soon it has notice of the errors, disconnections or lack of update in the contents, will perform, all the necessary actions to correct the errors, to restore the communication and to update the contents. HOMER Project reserves the right to interrupt the access to its web page at any time or to any of its contents, at any time and without previous notice.

HOMER Project does not assume any derived responsibilities for third party contents linked in the page Web, neither guarantees the absence of a virus or any other content that can produces alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), and/or documents or files of the user, excluding any responsibility for the damages of any class caused by these reasons. In case any user, client or third party, considers that the content or services offered by the linked web pages is illicit or injures the user's, client's or third party's goods or rights, susceptible for indemnification, and that particularly consist of:

Activities or contents susceptible to be considered felonies/or law violations according to the Spanish criminal law.

Activities or contents that violate the client's, user's, or third party's intellectual rights or industrial property.

Activities or contents that put at risk the public order, criminal investigation, public safety and the national defense.

Activities or contents that put at risk the protection of public health, the safeguard of a person's dignity and, principle of non-discrimination, and the protection of health and childhood.

You will be able to notify HOMER Project, however, the reception of this notice will not mean, at any time, knowledge of it to the effects of the responsibility anticipated in article 17 of the LSSICE.

HOMER Project is not responsible for the lack of utility or adequacy or a specific use of the present Web site.

HOMER Project does not take responsibility either of the damages that the User can suffer because of any the errors or omissions that the web site's contents might contain, although HOMER Project, commits to verify and monitor periodically, the web page's contents and information it contains.

HOMER Project will not be responsible in any case for the use that Users make of the Web site or the Contents, or for the damages that could be derived from the same one.

All third party links to our Web page must be done so to the main page, being explicitly prohibited "deep links", "framing" and any other unauthorized third party benefit of the of the Web page's content. Through the present Web page, the User will have access to Web sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties.

The presence of such connections is merely informative, not constituting in any case an invitation to acquire the product or services that are offered in the final Web site.

The User will access the contents under his/her exclusive responsibility, and under the conditions of use that prevail in such web page. The User recognizes and accepts that HOMER Project is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages caused by the use of such links.

In case that HOMER Project has effective knowledge that the information or the activity that those links offer illicit, constituent of a crime or can injure the goods or rights of a third party susceptible to indemnification, HOMER Project will perform the necessary to eliminate or to terminate the corresponding link as soon as possible.

The use of the Web page does not give the user any rights over the commercial brands, names, distinguished signs or designs of any type that appear in the Web page. The articles, news, legislation and other public contents, whose intellectual property rights do not belong to HOMER Project are published with the only purpose of providing information to the Web site's users.

HOMER Project is the holder of the source code, design, navigation structure, databases and the different software elements contained in the Web page as well as of the industrial and intellectual property rights of contents thereby included.

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